Fabulous Fireplaces

Because it’s so cold outside, I’ve gathered a bundle of some warm and cozy fireplace settings to help beat the chill. Burrrr. From the Restoration Hardware-look bungalow to the modern asymmetrical loft to the traditional English manor, there’s a fireplace for all walks of life.

Simple way to showcase fireplace. Warm and cool colors mix well to create a welcome space. Clean and modern.

bathtub and fireplace together?! omg I need this in my home!!! 51 Mesmerizing master bathrooms with fireplaces

Fireplaces / Artefaction

:: FIREPLACES :: love the fireplaces of METALFIRE. Photo Credit: http://www.metalfire.eu/en/

Similar arrangements with feathers

Contemporary fireplace

indoor fireplace

I LOVE this chandelier!

Brick Fireplace Design for Dining Room

Over 130 Different Indoor Fireplace Ideas. http://pinterest.com/njestates/indoor-fireplace-ideas/

Ahh… Don’t you feel better already? I could use one of the beautiful spaces to curl up next to. Which one is your favorite?

Stay warm, my friends.

xo Natalie

Snow in Birmingham


I’m sure by now you’ve all seen the thousands of Facebook and Twitter posts about being stranded miles from home with pictures that look like they came from an episode of The Walking Dead. Videos of twenty car pileups on the interstate and the thousands of people walking on major highways.




All because of two inches of snow.

Like many, I left school at 10:15 yesterday morning. My route that normally would take me 15-20 minutes home took ten minutes shy of four hours. Miserable. Unbearable. Intolerable. Just a few words to describe my trek. Thankfully, I got home a lot sooner than some.


The problem was we weren’t in the least bit of prepared. I don’t blame the weathermen, they didn’t see it coming either. Sometimes Mother Nature shows up and throws us for a loop. Good one, lady.



After I finally made it home, a few spin outs, stalls, and contemplations of parking and joining the few that gave up and began walking, I was relieved and grateful. I threw on an hoodie and jacket and grabbed my puppy. After all, it was her first snow!





Meanwhile, the chaos seconds from my apartment was getting worse. News of wreck after wreck, missing elders, children stranded at school, parents trying their best to get there, etcetera. What was supposed to be a fun snow day, turned into a living nightmare for many. I kept my eyes glued to my phone and weather channels. I remember vividly calling my mother, almost in tears saying, “What is the city going to do? This is Hell!” I began to feel helpless and mostly selfish that I was in a comfy, warm bed while all those people suffered in the frigid air.

As it it got darker, it really sank in that these people were going to have to shack up in their cars. Many found hotels and hospitals to crash in, but the ones still stuck in the big mess on our interstates weren’t so lucky.


I wish I could’ve done something, but honestly there wasn’t much. Thankfully, from what I’ve heard, there haven’t been any fatalities, but even this morning there are still cars parked down the highways and people walking everywhere. If you didn’t know better, you would think we live in New York City.






Above all, I am most grateful for the true Southern Hospitality that took place here. People helping people get their cars up hills, people offering rides to certain parts of town, the first responders who directed traffic, and the people literally opening their homes to walking strangers. That’s why I’m proud to live in a state that cares for it’s neighbors. Where the motto, “Nobody gets left behind” echoes from our tallest buildings. Where people open their hearts and help others, despite their own needs. Alabama is a state of togetherness and the only reason why the sun came out this morning is because of the generosity and pure selflessness of our people.

We might not have been prepared, but we made it. Continue to keep those families who aren’t reunited yet in your thoughts and prayers.

xo Natalie

Discoveries: The Look for Less

I was browsing through the Architectural Digest February issue and I stumbled upon the Discoveries: Most Wanted section where they showcase the most wanted items of the month. It’s a two-page spread of ten really fabulous items ranging from $86 to $4,000 dollars. I love some of the pieces, but who can afford a 10″ vase for over three grand? Certainly not me.


So I’ve gone out on the hunt to get the “look” for way less. Here are my discoveries.


1. Ventana Chair from Wild Orchid –  $268.06
2. Coin Mosaic Vase & Blue Cutout Ceramic Vase from Walmart 99 and $89
3. Corelle Sketch Dinnerware Set from Target – $69.99 (16 piece)
4. Austin Tree Stump Table Lamp from Lamps Plus – $319.91
5. Ikat Pillow Covers from Pottery Barn – $19.99 each


6. Everly Schoolhouse Pendant from AllModern – $170.00
7. Asian Elephant Plate from C.Wonder – $38.00
8. Abigail Gold Dining Table from Worlds Away – $862.50
9. Ivory Moroccan Rug from World Market – $299.99
10. Marbled fabric from The Art of Marbling $8-15 yd.


What’s your favorite look for less? Mine is definitely the gold dining table.

xo Natalie

Hotel Update: Gold Glitter Accent Tile

I recently blogged about metallics and I’m finding it’s way more easier than I thought to incorporate it in my professional and personal life. For the hotel I’m in the middle of designing, we are doing a floor to ceiling tile fireplace that is going to be immaculate when it’s finished. We’re installing a glass mosaic linear tile with a gold glitter accent band. It’s going to be stunning.

I’ve added a photo of the color scheme we are working with. Mind you, we’re in Tuscaloosa, AL: Home of the Crimson Tide.Image

The gold glitter tile was found in our box without a label. After weeks of searching for the vendor, I settled for a look-a-like. This one came from Ceramiche Caesar and it’s called Change. The color we are using is Bronze and we’re getting it in a linear tile form. The pictures from the website are amazing and mine don’t give its justice.




I’m actually glad that I found it because I like the toned down version for this hotel better. The tiles are skinnier, as well, so it’ll give a more seamless look. This would be great in a residence, in both kitchens and bathrooms. You can install this on floors and walls and it comes in four great metallic colors. I’m hoping a can snag another sample to do a project of some sort.

Have I mentioned how much I love my job?

xo Natalie


Favorite Finds

It’s Friday, yay! I hope everyone has a fun weekend planned. Mine will consist of working, mostly, but I’m going to get to have a little BFF brunch date to set the mood. Here’s a few of some my favorite finds this week. Enjoy!

Favorite Bedroom (House Beautiful – Woodland Fantasy by Tania Fallon)


Favorite Smile (Blaze Loves His Kennel – John Ventresco)

Blaze kennerl

Favorite Chair (Graycie High Back Wing Chair – Uttermost)


Favorite Freebie (50 Free Handwriting Fonts – The Shabby Creek Cottage)


Favorite Sweet (Cookie Dough Icing – The Girl Who Ate Everything)

Cookie Dough Frosting

Have a great weekend!

xo Natalie


Trend to Try: Metallics


I have an inspiration board at my office that I like to change out when reps bring in new stuff. I found a couple of gray Beacon Hill fabrics (l-r: here and here) that I just fell in love with and decided to toss a little metallic in with it (l-r: here and here). The other fabric is what I like to call a good basic print (here). This tile is amazing, and we are using it on a project right now. I’m trying to figure out a way to get more samples like this so I can use it for something. I haven’t had any luck. That little acrylic square at the bottom is a piece of 3form resin material (here) that I thought brought that sparkle in a little bit more.

I am really intrigued with this silvery metallic look right now and have found some amazing designs that I thought were worth seeing. I’m definitely going to try and sneak this in to my own home because it’s so sleek and sophisticated!


I could stare at this room for hours. The wallcovering on the ceiling, to the tufted fabric headboard wall, to all the accessories like the two lamps and super soft rug, even to the color of the door – details, details, details. Perfection!

This is a little gaudy for me, but I the wallcovering is so dramatic. Those Lucite lamps are pretty fab, too.


Can we say disco ball? Those pillows are too cute and the cheetah bedding is very chic.


This is totally me. I love that mirrored chest of drawers, those linen and white pillows, and cream satin headboard. Not to mention the metal décor above the bed.

Two beautifully done metallic bathrooms. That tub is TDF.

Is this a trend that you’re going to try?
I hear it’s pretty big in the fashion industry as well. I might have to get me some metallic pants…

xo Natalie