Meet Sarah Richardson

You may have seen her Sarah’s House (HGTV), where she buys the worst house in a good neighborhood and fixes up to its true potential. Sarah Richardson, Sarah Richardson Designs, is one energetic, enthusiastic and eager interior designer who loves to share her creative ideas with her viewers. When not revamping homes for TV, Sarah is busy with her growing collection of signature product lines including indoor and outdoor furnishings which you can find here.


What I love most about Sarah, is that she sees room for what it could be, not what it is. I feel that I am very similar. Most people think that an old, nasty bungalow is just a money pit; whereas, I see it as something you can truly make your own.

I wanted to share with you one of my favorite houses that she’s done which is gorgeous from inside out. You can see the full tour here.


I love her eclectic style and the way she mixes old with new. Every room is another moment of awe – your eyes began to wonder and they catch on the tiny details that makes each room different and unique. The entire home is airy and light but inviting and cozy. Another successful redo.

What’s your favorite Sarah’s House episode?

xo Natalie

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