Getting Started: Part II

determining your style

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! It’s time for Part II in our “Getting Started” series. There’s nothing better than after a bad day coming home to a home that makes you feel relaxed and serine. Our homes are supposed to make us feel less stressed, not more. So did you gather some clippings this weekend of your favorite things? Maybe start a new Pinterest board? I did the latter of the two and you can see it here. Make sure to follow me for great ideas on a low budget. The following picture is one room that I just fell in amore over. Those mirrors are fabulous!

those mirrors are amazing!

The second part to getting the home you deserve and one you’ll love to come home to every day, is determining your style. This is something that could possibly take a little time. Domino suggests that you take all of your clippings or pins and “try to attach words to them.” (p.14) You don’t have to settle on one term, just choose terms that reflect what the pictures mean to you. So for example, the picture above to me feels glamorous, romantic, and cheery. I love the example in the book: “kind of bohemian plus a dash of classic, mostly Dorothy Draper with a dollop of Sid Vicious.”

What did she just say?

 Determining your style can help you with determining your décor, so choosing a term, or two, can be helpful when looking for those special pieces, especially when you’re shopping. You see a trendy lamp and think, “It’s cute but I’m to get tired of it because it’s too childish and I’m more into sophisticated looks.” Then you can walk away and save that money towards a lamp that you’ll love from years to come.

I’ve titled a few of the pictures in my Pinterest board to help you when labeling yours.


classic and neutral but with elegance and sophistication

GEORGICA POND: floor to ceiling painted wood paneled attic den

laid-back and cozy, with warm textures and naturals

Living Room - Beachy

nautical and weathered but with a cheerful twist

Now it’s your turn! Start labeling some of the pieces in your collection and see if your terms are overlapping. If you’re finding a lot of the pictures make you say “dramatic” “modern” “masculine” then maybe you can determine that your style is Dramatic, modern with a hint of masculine. When you’ve reached a conclusion, I’d love to hear it! If you’re still having trouble, take the Design Styles Quiz in the tabs located on my page above and maybe that’ll help you figure it out. Good luck!

xo Natalie

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