Trend to Try: Metallics


I have an inspiration board at my office that I like to change out when reps bring in new stuff. I found a couple of gray Beacon Hill fabrics (l-r: here and here) that I just fell in love with and decided to toss a little metallic in with it (l-r: here and here). The other fabric is what I like to call a good basic print (here). This tile is amazing, and we are using it on a project right now. I’m trying to figure out a way to get more samples like this so I can use it for something. I haven’t had any luck. That little acrylic square at the bottom is a piece of 3form resin material (here) that I thought brought that sparkle in a little bit more.

I am really intrigued with this silvery metallic look right now and have found some amazing designs that I thought were worth seeing. I’m definitely going to try and sneak this in to my own home because it’s so sleek and sophisticated!


I could stare at this room for hours. The wallcovering on the ceiling, to the tufted fabric headboard wall, to all the accessories like the two lamps and super soft rug, even to the color of the door – details, details, details. Perfection!

This is a little gaudy for me, but I the wallcovering is so dramatic. Those Lucite lamps are pretty fab, too.


Can we say disco ball? Those pillows are too cute and the cheetah bedding is very chic.


This is totally me. I love that mirrored chest of drawers, those linen and white pillows, and cream satin headboard. Not to mention the metal décor above the bed.

Two beautifully done metallic bathrooms. That tub is TDF.

Is this a trend that you’re going to try?
I hear it’s pretty big in the fashion industry as well. I might have to get me some metallic pants…

xo Natalie

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