I’ve Been Liebster’d!

My sweet and wonderful friend nominated me for A Liebster Award, which if you have no idea what this is then click here. In turn, I must list eleven facts about me and answer her eleven questions that she’s asked me. Then, I have to nominate eleven other blogs to do the same. So here we go!

11 Facts About Me:

1. I originally wanted to go to school for Radiology and when I calculated what time I would actually begin working, I vetoed that idea. I hate school so the thought of being a student for 8+ years sickened me. I love interior design and I know I fit well here.

2. I call myself an avid Miami Heat fan, but secretly I’m a Lebron James follower. Shhh.. Don’t say anything.

3. I adopted a dog off of Craigslist one year ago and it has ended up being one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Taking care of a puppy, while it destroys everything you hold dear, is both exhausting and frustrating. I wouldn’t trade the past year for anything in the world.

4. I have chosen the sector of Hospitality design to practice in. I recently went to Las Vegas with my family and fell in love with the architecture and design of those fabulous hotels. I can only dream of designing something like that.

5. My first plan ride was on the trip to Vegas. It’s was both the most exhilarating and terrifying experience of my life.

6. I have been blessed to say I fell in love with the only boy I ever kissed. Going on six years now, I have to say I’m a pretty lucky lady. 

7. John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Matt Nathanson are just a few of my all-time favorite singers. Give me a CD with these guys and I’m out like a light.

8. I made an 18 on my ACT. Another reason why I knew med-school wasn’t going to work.

9. When I was little, my mother created a real-life classroom in our basement. I had school desks, a white board, an over-head projector, and stuff with Ms. Osborn on it. I thought I was legit.

10. I am slightly overly obsessed with sharks and know way too much about them. It’s a weird trait that I have and I’m okay with it. In another life, I’ll be a marine biologist.

11. I was on the danceline at my highschool for two years but I can’t dance worth crap. This year, as far as a resolution, I would like to learn some moves.

11 Questions from Jaime: 

1. If you were a Barbie, what 3 accessories would you come with and why? A drafting table, a laptop, and a paint deck.
2. If you were to bring one unnecessary item to a desert island, what would it be? My John Green book set.  
3. How do you de-stress after a horrible day? I love to bake treats, so I’d probably be making cookies or something.
4. Would you rather have Grumpy cat or Lil’ Bub as a pet? Definitely Lil’ Bub; hims just so cute.
5. Where/when do you think you had a past life?
6. What makes you nervous? Heights. My knees get tingly; it’s horrifying.
7. What’s your best quality (physical or otherwise)? I’d like to say I’m a very loyal person.
8. Who was your FIRST celebrity crush? Who is it now? Jesse McCartney, Chris Pine
9. What was the first CD you ever bought? Rascal Flatts Melt
10. What was the biggest/best thing you’ve ever splurged on for yourself? My cowboy boots. I hardly ever wear them but it’s a reminder that if I work hard and save my money I can have nice things.
11. Where is your favorite place in the world? The Grand Canyon – the most fascinating and breathtaking place I’ve ever been.

My 11/11:

1. What’s your biggest fear and why?

2. If you had to paint your room one color what would be?

3. What’s your favorite accessory in a home?

4. Jonathan Adler has a book called My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living. What’s your prescription to a happy, healthy life?

5. If you had to create an arena for Hunger Games, where would it be?

6. You’re house is on fire and you can only take three things. What are they?

7. How would you describe your style? (decorating or otherwise)

8. In Robert Frost’s poem, The Road Not Taken, he paints a picture of a two roads that one must choose to travel. Recall a time in your life where you had two big choices to make. Do you regret the choice you made?

9. If I dumped your purse out on the table, what’s one object in there that would surprise me?

10. Who is your favorite Disney princess?

11. If someone left a puppy on your doorstep and you had to keep it, what would you name it?

Your Turn!

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Have fun!

xo, Natalie

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