Telling Time

I’m not one to immediately run to the clock section of a store and pick out one, but on occasion it’s nice to know what time it is whether you are sitting on the sofa, reading in your bed, or even cooking in the kitchen. I normally just find my phone, but it would be nice to just glace up. I was perusing the internet today looking at clocks for a client of mine and ran across an adorable line of clocks. The DENY Designs clock line at is full of bright and fun clocks that are just too cute to pass up. Here’s some of my favorites…


Ranging from $120-$160, these clocks are approximately 15″ square with rounded corners. Whether you are ultra-modern, a little hip, or super glamorous, there’s a clock for you. Make sure to check them out today.

I just might have to snatch this one for my bedroom…


And this one for my kitchen… (love the glitter!)


Which one is your favorite?

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