Breaking the Rules: Dark Paint Colors

Have you ever been told not to paint your walls a dark color because they’ll make the rooms feel gloomy and spooky? Most of the time the darker the wall color, the less bright and airy it will feel. But there’s always an exception to every rule. There are plenty of ways to do it wrong so read on to see how to do it right.


There’s something enticing – and not a bit scary – about a room painted in a deep, rich hue. A plus: The darker the wall color, less important it feels to get lots of natural light. To keep the space from seeming claustrophobic, integrate lighter tones into the mix. White furniture, floors and ceilings would brighten the look significantly. For a more subtle effect, choose accents in medium tones, like the last picture above.


How to make it work:

– Start with a vibrant color. Look for metal tones such as silvers and golds or a gray with underlying notes of blue or green.
– Light it strategically. Use table lamps and wall sconces to enhance the clubby atmosphere. Install dimmers to achieve precise levels of glow.
– Add mirrors, glass accessories and metallic finishes. They bounce light around and generate sparkle.



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