March To-Do List


March is always a great month for me. It’s being to look like spring — the flowers are blooming and the air is warmer. This month will be extra special for me because I will finally be able to check college off the bucket list. My final day of college is March 27th. There’s also quite a few other things that are happening this month. Check them out and make sure to stay up to date with what’s going on throughout the month of March.

 March stufff

Exciting things, right?

Stay tuned:
– I will be posting a digital representation of my Senior Portfolio of all of the work that I’ve done while I’ve been in school. | March 27th
– I will be posting a bazillion pictures while I’m in Washington, D.C. Historical houses, museums, food, and more. | March 17th-23th
– I will find out if I placed in the 2014 IIDA Student Design Competition, price of $1,000. Cross your fingers! | March 7th
-I will be starting a Book Club where we read a book every month together. Once a week I will post a discussion about the current chapters. | March 5th
– Join me in celebrating my sister’s and niece’s birthday. | March 29th and March 30th


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