The Results Are In!

I am so incredibly blessed to say that I have won the Healthcare category in the IIDA Student competition.


I can finally relax now. I’ve been a nervous wreck all day. I’m so glad I stayed up late Sunday night working on this, because it almost didn’t get submitted. I had already sent in my Senior project (the wine bar) and knew that I probably needed to submit another, just in case. I’m pleased to say, it turned out well. This project is/was by far my favorite of all that I have done while in school.

Palm Beach Health and Wellness:
a plastic surgery treatment facility in Palm Beach, Florida


IIDA_student comp_2

IIDA_student comp_3

IIDA_student comp_4

IIDA_student comp_5

I am honored to represent my school, Southern Institute School of Interior Design, with this incredible award. I have to thank my commercial teacher, Mrs. Brooks, for being such an amazing instructor. Without her help, this wouldn’t have even been possible.

Also, shout out to my classmate, Paige McDonald, for winning the Retail/Restaurant category! It feels good to take home two out of the three categories! Beautiful work!


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