New Home: Update – Bedroom

I’m back!

I am slowly adding pieces to my home little by little and the first room I wanted to be complete was my bedroom. About three months ago I saw a lamp shade at Target in the clearance section (otherwise known as the section only I shop at) and immediately knew what colors my new room would be. I loved the mustard, the taupey browns and the tiny pop of slate blue highlighting the paisley print. I paired it with an acrylic lamp base I found off of a trading site on Facebook. The total cost of this lamp was $30. You can’t beat that, and it’s one of a kind!


It took weeks and weeks of shopping online and out ‘n about for new bedding. I knew this time around I wanted a coverlet instead of a full-out comforter. To me, it’s looked more delicate and mature. I also knew I wanted something neutral that I could keep for a long time. Just tonight, I happened to run out to Home Goods for a much needed distressing and stumbled upon this bedding. For a steal at $49.99 plus the shams at $19.99 (both: Home Goods, Max Studio), its new home is draped over my barren mattress (I don’t have sheets yet; that’s next on the list!)



I grabbed a set of floral pillows (Home Goods, Spencer Home – $19.99) in the mustard tones I am currently lusting over and ran out before I was drawn to anything else. I already had the felt and gold trimmed pillow (Target, Nate Burkas – $10) which, might I add looked fab with the other two. Mila says, “Hi!”


I have to say, I’m pretty stoked (and Mila is, too!) about my new bedding.  Everything from my ghost chair, to my garden stool, to my rustic tree branch night stand, to my antique buffet-made-dresser with my mirror that has yet to be hung up, to my latest DIY sunburst mirror, and even to my bench that I refinished – my bedroom is finally a place of relaxation.

Next on the list: bathroom(s) and kitchen which are both just about finished anyway. I was just too excited not to post tonight, besides I missed you guys!

About my trip to D.C., there are over 2,000 photos that I am trying to sort through as to not bore you to death. Hopefully, I should be finished going through them by Monday of next week so hold your horses until then.

Tomorrow is my last day of school FOREVER. Wish me luck on my final portfolio presentation. Pictures of that, too, are coming soon!

Later friends,
xo – Natalie

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