Cadbury Crave!


Two things come to mind when I think of Easter: Jesus and Cadbury creame eggs, so when I saw this picture, I dyed a little. I’m still deciding if it’s sacrilegious or not, so I pray it doesn’t offend anyone!

Every year I stock up on these bad boys because they’re just so stinkin’ good. I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate with them. No luck yet. However, I love to bake so I searched for some treats that called for them. I did find a super delicious recipe that I just tried for the first time! I have to share because it was amazing!


Cadbury Creame Cholocate Chip Cookies

What You’ll Need:

one cookie dough roll or tub
one dozen mini Cadbury creame eggs

Basically, follow the instructions on the cookie wrapper for preheating and mixing. Pinch a small portion of the dough and flatten it in your hands. Then place an unwrapped egg in the middle and roll the dough back around it. Make sure you completely cover the egg or else it will ooze out and make a mess. Bake and enjoy!








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