Happy Adoption Day, Mila Grace!


Today marks ONE YEAR since I brought this precious fur baby into my home, into my world, and into my heart. There have been too many times where I have wanted to give up and get rid of her, but I’m so glad I didn’t. She’s destroyed more things that I can count and has cost me hundreds of dollars worth of repairs. But she’s always the most loving and protective little puppy I’ve ever known. Many do not know what this little dog has done for me. Her name, Mila, means “miracle,” and that’s just what she is to me – my little miracle baby.


I like to say that I didn’t find her, but that she found me because one year ago I was in a weird state in my life. I felt as though life was beginning to be the same ‘ol thing everyday. School. Work. Work. School. Nothing exciting. Nothing new. It was a little boring to say the least. I didn’t have a whole lot of close friends to whom I could vent with. Life was a little sad… Ha! Until… I met my Mila. She gave me back my joy and energy. She kept me, and still does, on my toes and loves me no matter what. It’s a new adventure every day and it starts and ends with her. Life isn’t boring anymore because I get to come home and see this face.










Whether we’re playing in boxes, building forts out of the comforter, running in the creek and getting all muddy, riding with the windows down, going shopping at the pet store, or simply cuddling this little ball of fur has allowed me to open my heart again and love – and be loved in return.

She’s my miracle in disguise.


Happy One Year (and many more to come)!


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