Celebrity Home Tour: Lauren Conrad


She’s classy, not boastful, and has a simplistic nature that makes her successful. She’s in the limelight just enough to keep her name around, but doesn’t thrive in it. I love that about her. And she has really cute clothes.


Reason number 548,310 why I love Lauren Conrad: her new home in Laguna Beach. Which, by the way, isn’t a monstrosity that is too ridiculously large for simple and basic needs. It’s a normal little home.


BUT I didn’t say it had normal price tag. Conrad dropped $8.5 million on this classic 1937-built home. The single-level home sits on a nearly half-acre lot offering dramatic views of the coastline stretching to Santa Catalina Island and L.A. She lives within her means and didn’t go overboard. She doesn’t have movie theater or a bowling ally in the basement. She doesn’t have a half-an acre swimming pool with a theme-size waterslide. But she does have a view that is pretty much priceless.


Reminds me of the good ‘ol days of Laguna Beach.

The inside is just as stunning as the backyard. It’s so simple, which I love, but I hope that she plans to add some glitzy touches or something because it’s a little plain. I’m assuming she isn’t finishing decorating seeing how these are the stock photos from the reality place. But just look how quaint and charming it is.

Measuring 2,910 square feet, the house has 3 beds and 4 baths.


Coming in the front door – a little sitting area with a sofa that I would kill for.


Love those natural brick pavers in a herringbone pattern and those huge rustic beams in the ceiling.



I’m guessing this is the living room. WOW at that view.


And I love, love, love this little sitting nook. I could lay here forever.



A little bit of country cozy cottage wouldn’t you say?


A simple four piece setting breakfast room.


The listing describes Conrad’s new digs as “impeccably remodeled” with new bathrooms and a new kitchen featuring high-end appliances. A large galley with natural cabinets add to the homes charm. The floors look restored and add warmth.



Another WOW view. I love these wicker chairs. Very beachy. But that’s a no-brainer.


Guest bed #1.



Guest bed #2.


Master suite with a third WOW view.


I would much rather have a plain-Jane home than one that is too big to decorate. Everyone knows she has money, but she doesn’t flaunt it. That’s why I’ll forever support her and buy her stuff.

She is THE. BOMB.

Too bad we didn’t see the closet…


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