Weekend Fun

This weekend started with Thursday after I got off work. I drove down to Prattville to meet my sister and the children at my nephew’s first soccer game of the season, where they won by the way. I drove down to take Matthew to a field trip the next day. We grabbed some delicious pizza at Fox’s after the game. Delish! When we got back to the house, I helped Kim with her landing situation. It’s always nice to give people advice on how to fix their spaces. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished!

While we were planning, her sweet 18-year old kitty cat, Savannah, came to join us. If you didn’t already know, my dad is and has always been allergic to cats, so we never had on in the house so my body never got immune to cat dander. I was playing with her for a little bit and them started noticing my lip swell up. It kept getting bigger and bigger, until I couldn’t feel it anymore. It was quite the terrifying experience. Thank goodness for a sister who had essential oils and baby Benadryl. She loaded me up and bathed me in oils. I wasn’t complaining!

When I woke up Friday morning, my lip had gone down immensely. Around 8:30, Kim took me up to Matthew’s school where we got on a bus to Montgomery. Being on a bus with 30 second graders is a story within itself, but it was fun.

Have I mentioned how handsome my nephew is? You can see here the little tiny red mark on my lip, but it looked SO MUCH BETTER at this point. We made to the Planetarium in Montgomery, where two other classes of second graders were. Now we had around 50 second graders about to waltz into a teeny-tiny Planetarium. Let the fun begin! I didn’t have my phone out to take pictures of all of this good stuff, but here’s a picture of where we were.

I had never been to a Planetarium before, so I was just as excited as the second graders were! We got inside and there was this huge dome ceiling that was a screen. Again, no picture but here’s one from their website.

You can imagine the excitedness of these little people. We watched a film, which was enlightening, and got to see the current view of the stars in Prattville at round 8pm that night. I didn’t realize that there are so many visible planets up there, but because I live in the city I never see them. I need to move to the country so I can see these every night!

At this point, around 10am, my swollen lip had completely gone down! I guess it was the cat!

After we left there, we went to this really nice park in Prattville where all four classes of second graders ran around like wild animals. I got to sit and chit-chat with the moms and teachers and try to engage in the conversation. But since I don’t have kids who are trying out for T-ball, it was a little difficult. Everyone was impressed that Matthew’s aunt came down to take him on his field trip and I was really happy that I was able to, too!

I came back in time to go to Jimmy’s awards banquet, where he won an outstanding achievement award because he’s super smart. Yay, Jimmy!

His degree sure does sounds fun, doesn’t it? Thank goodness he’ll be done with school in two weeks! Oh, and UAB decided to get all fancy and rename their business school.

After that, I took Jimmy to PF Changs at the Summit, complementary of my sister and brother-in-law for the gift card at Christmas, and we had a delicious meal! Jimmy had never been before, so it was a fun experience for the both of us. We sat outside and the weather was perf! Our waiter was awesome, which is a plus for me. We told him this was our pre-anniversary/graduation dinner and he brought us tiramisu on-the-house. DELISH! Yep, he got a nice tip.

Saturday is always a work day for me, but I managed to blow a tire during my two hour break. Thank you JESUS for letting it happen when it did and not Friday when I driving to Prattville. Seeing how I’m a daddy’s girl, and daddy’s girls don’t do anything for themselves, I didn’t know how to change it. I made it to a gas station where I proceeded to ask the young gentleman if he could help me. Disrespectfully, he said he had better things to do. I am trying to throw things off my shoulder with a smile, but this was so hard. Thankfully, this nice woman who was shopping came out and helped me. We got it started, or better yet, she got it started and another young gentleman walking down the street, dropped his groceries and came and finished the job. My hope in humanity was restored. It’s hard to believe, but there arenice people in the world. I made it back to work on a donut and everything was fine.

Now, I have to get a new tire! The joys of life keep pouring in!

Sunday is funday, which means laundry, house cleaning, and babysitting my puppy who likes to eat EVERYTHING. I swear, she’s like a one-year-old. Oh wait, she is one.

She is enjoying life out in the sunshine!

I hope you all had a great weekend! Tomorrow starts a new week and I hope yours is the best one yet!


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