Everyday Organizing: Baskets

Show off your creative side! Hang baskets on the wall to display your craft supplies as functional art.

If you’ve been around me long enough, you’ll learn that I love baskets. There are so many great purposes for baskets and so many things can be stored in them. Just take a look at the photo above. There are three purposes for baskets shown here: on the wall as shelving, on the desk for smaller items, and as drawers underneath. How perfect!

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and are great for all different purposes.

Here are my top 10 favorite uses for baskets:


For small baskets:

1. Memory saver. Stowing photographs in drawers leads to misplaced memories. Designate a basket to hold pictures until they find a permanent home.

2. Remote-control center. Even hungry sofa cushions can’t swallow a basketful of neatly stored clickers.

3. Stationery kit. You’ll avoid the eternal hunt for a pen and paper if you keep all your writing supplies in the same place.

For medium baskets:

4. Towel dispenser. In a guest bathroom, keep rolled-up hand towels next to the sink.

5. File holder. Give your home office a less buttoned-up look by organizing folders in a basket.

6. Gift-wrap center. Pile wrapping supplies in a long container that you can store on a closet shelf until the next birthday or holiday rolls around.

For large baskets:

7. Summer carryall. When you’re ready to hit the beach, just throw everything in and take off.

8. Manual dumbwaiter. Drag a basket to the bottom of the stairs and deposit anything that needs to be taken up. Upstairs, after you unload, refill it with whatever needs to be taken down. This is also great for containing dirty shoes after you take them off.

9. Linen “closet.” Keep extra blankets and pillows for guests at the foot of the bed.

10. Paper catcher. Toss spent magazines and newspapers into a container that’s easy to carry to the recycling bin.

Clear Canisters

Fabulous Storage Footboard  Turn a low shelving unit into a footboard that provides a spot to sit down as well as a place to stash stuff. Stock the shelves with matching baskets to keep books and blankets neatly tucked away.

Come see our pantry makeover! We customized a very small pantry under the stairs with various types of IKEA shelving and plenty of baskets, bins and glass jars for organizing! We love it so much we took the door off so we could see it all day long! :-)

Awesome article about how to set up a house that is both lovely to look at, and is organized in a way that makes it easy to live in (and clean!)... must read this before moving into Anderson...

Here are a few of my favorite baskets:


I always find inexpensive baskets at TJMaxx and Home Goods. They are my go-to stores when it comes to getting organized!


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