Life in Color

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Imagine the world if it were black and white. You can’t, because we’ve always seen it full of color. But if you could dig real deep and really picture life if color did not exist, you’d probably agree that it would be pretty boring. Life is exciting and happy because of the millions and billions of colors that are out there.

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If you remember back to my very first blog, I loved to discuss the psychology of colors. I love that different colors make you feel different ways, and can definitely make a room feel a certain way.


[Click this photo to make it bigger]

As a designer, I live in color. Everything I see and do revolves around a color wheel. Whether I am picking out fabrics or swatches of paints, colors mean a lot to me. Without them, I wouldn’t be able to make spaces feel more alive.

Have you ever heard on Pantone? I like to call them “The Happy People,” because what better way to spend your day than discovering more and more colors on the color wheel. That would be a pretty awesome job, unless you work for Crayola. That would be a fun job, too. This is the Pantone Hotel. Did you know that it existed? Me either, until about a week ago.


Looks a little sketchy, right? Wait until you see inside.





That’s got to be one of the happiest hotels I’ve ever seen.

Anyway, back to how colors make you feel.

There are hundreds of colors that would take forever to talk about, but the seven most basic colors, ROYGBIV, are the ones that are most important. If you have ever taken a basic art class, you know that there are really only three colors: red, yellow, and blue. Every other color in the color universe is stemmed from using one, two, or all three of these colors. Hence, why we call them the Primary Colors.


So when you mix these all around you get all of these:


Duh. You know this already. What you might not know is the common traits that these seven basic colors, and a few others, make you feel. So that’s why I’m here.


[Click this photo to make it bigger]

Pretty neat right? There are also hundreds of myths about colors. Have you ever heard that yellow rooms make babies cry, so you aren’t supposed to paint a nursery yellow? And never paint a kitchen blue because it’s a non-appetizing color? Who knows if those are true, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of them.

So next time you are picking out a color for your kitchen, or accessories in your bedroom, look at this chart to help you make the correct choice for that space. It’ll help when you are thinking about painting your bedroom walls fire engine red. Maybe not the best idea. You can further your knowledge of colors by reading this article. It’s a good one that breaks it down room by room.

If you have any questions about colors, feel free to contact me.

May your hump day be a little brighter.


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