10 Minute Laundry Room Makeover

My laundry room was beginning to feel and look boring. I already hate doing laundry, and having to do it in a space that is terribly dreadful adds all the more stress.

So here’s my laundry room before…

Laundry 1

Pretty sterile feeling, eh? No storage or anywhere to put anything so clutter was bound to happen. Not to mention there’s zero color! I can’t do a whole lot in a renting home, but I try to add color and life with artwork wherever I can.

And here’s my new laundry room! Fun and colorful! I made use of a small space and added a metal bathroom tower for soaps and sundries. A cute polka-dot basket and chevron canvas prints really add life back into this once dying space.

Laundry 3


Laundry 2

I came up with this “lost socks” idea on the spot. I simply hung a basket on the wall (baskets are from IKEA and they are the perfect size for everything) and hung some baker’s twine in and around the wires. Lastly, I added some mini clothespin and now, my lost socks have a new resting spot until they are matched back up with their mates.


See how fun and easy decorating can be? All you need is a little bit of cash and a whole lot of imagination!


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