Beguiling Mauve

Beguiling Mauve

I just love this color from Sherwin Williams. I’m not normally drawn to purples, but there’s something mysterious about this particular shade. It’s soft and gentle, yet daring and brave at the same time. If I were to use it in a room, this would be my direction.

Totally Mauve

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I added some pale and vivid turquoises and a splash of mossy green to create an enchanting feel for this space. The beige softens it up a little. This room would be perfect for a tween girl or a lady’s hide-away. The pieces are all so dainty and feminine. I’m reminded of the fairy tales I read as a child. Does it not make you think about the “Shrek and Fiona” love story?


Maybe that’s just me.

Anyhow, I would love to drink tea with my pinky up, while chit-chatting in an English accent in this room.

How about you?


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