Styling Your Desk: 5 Tips

Whether you work at home, in a cubicle, or on the tenth floor with a window, you want your desk to be personable – something that is some-what organized and says a little bit about who you are. I love this work area in the photo above. You can tell a very creative and fun person sits here. I wish my area was this cute! If you went my to office and saw my desk, you’d see a gorgeous (and expensive) floral wallpaper hung on my grayish cubicle walls nearly covered up in appointments and business cards, a cardboard organizer which I adore, a picture frame of my and my boo, and a casual coffee stain or two. But my desk is me, and it makes me enjoy my work a little more.

Celebrity stylist, Brad Goreski, created a cheat sheet for HouseBeautiful on the 5 ways to style your desk. They are so good, I just thought I’d share them with you.

House Beautiful
Brad Goreski’s Top 5 Tips for Styling a Desk by Sarah Yang

1. Personal Touches
When styling my celebrity clients, I’m all about bold and bright accessories, and the same is true for my desk. Items like a bright green mail tray or a neon pink pencil holder help my desk reflect my personal style. I also like to pepper in photos of my friends and family, along with inspirational travel and fashion photos to help keep my creative juices flowing.

2. Pops of Color
Updating a drab desk is as simple as adding a few bright pops of color. The new Post-it Brand Colors of the World collection features colors inspired by the world around us, including some of my favorite vacation destinations, like Mykonos. I add them to my desktop and notebooks, and I’m instantly transported to the island’s authentic charm and ocean hues. The collections are such an easy way to transform your desk, by bringing inspirational colors and trends to your desk setting.

3. Surround Yourself with Inspiration
Mood boards are a huge part of working in fashion, but I also believe that they are a great tool for fostering creativity no matter what industry you work in. I’m a big Pinterest user (@mrbradgoreski), and I also like to bring my inspiration boards to life by surrounding myself with beautiful images at my desk. I think every desk set-up should incorporate at least a small grouping of inspiration photos of your favorite people, places, and things that will brighten your mood and help you think more imaginatively.

4. Make Your Desk Feel Like Home
Many of us spend a large portion of our day sitting at our desks — myself included. So I think it’s extra important to make your desk a place where you actually want to be. I like to think of my desk as a little extension of my home, which features a mix of modern and vintage pieces.

5. Functional and Fun
Standard storage and file cabinets tend to be lifeless and boring. I like to keep my files in brightly-colored bins or patterned mini cabinets, and then stack smaller storage accessories, such as colored magazine racks, file holders, and mail sorters, on top of them to create a functional and funky central space for storing all of my important documents. I find that when I pick organizational desk accessories that I actually enjoy looking at, I feel more compelled to keep my desk neat and tidy.

So what does your desk say about you? Does it say you’re neat and creative or boring and messy? Maybe it’s time to spend a little green and get your desk speaking positive things about you.


Photos courtesy of, photographed by Hannah Blackmore Photography.

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