DIY String Art

I get bored, like a lot, and my worst enemy is Pinterest because I find all these awesome ideas and have an overwhelming feeling to do them immediately. So this past Thursday night, I was constructing this.

String art copy

And it took some time – like maybe three hours? But I love it. Ignore the watermarks, it got dusty and I tried to wipe it off. They are not there anymore.

I had seen all these awesome string arts and I thought to myself, “That would take forever,” so I never tried it. I created an event on my Facebook group and not a lot of people bit at it, so I just decided to do it by myself. My Pinsperation was this:


These were done using a lot of string and they probably took a lot of time. Nobody has time for all of that, so I did mine with just one round of string. Here’s how I did it.



– a board of some sort or a canvas
– an outline of Alabama the Beautiful (or your less-than beautiful state)
– two different strings/threads
– wire nails (1/8″)

Household Tools:
– scissors
– tack hammer

Required Materials:
– patience
– small fingers
– the sanity to start over a few times
– a positive attitude
– Pandora

First, cut out your outline. If you are using ‘ol Bama, make sure you cut neatly around Mobile. Take advantage of straight lines. Don’t cut around every little nook and cranny. Next, put a nail in the middle to hold it down. I placed mine over Birmingham because I knew I would have a heart there anyway. Find a good starting pint and start hammering. Your nails should be about an 1/4″ of an inch apart. BEWARE: your dog will constantly think someone is at the door. Get use to it.



Be careful and take your time around Mobile. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Eventually, you’ll make it all the way around. I feel sorry for the Idahodians and Nawlins’ people. Y’all got a rough one.


Yay! Next, nail an outline of a heart around your city. I did this twice because I realized it wasn’t big enough. You’ll notice in some of the pictures the heart looks smaller compared to the final product.

Then, you start stringing. I started with the nail I hammered down first and tied a knot. I threaded it toward the heart and back a couple of times on each nail. Repeat this step 8,000 times.


You do your heart the same way, and eventually, after about three hours, it’ll look all beautiful like this.




Shew! I tacked a ribbon on the back and hung it up.


And that’s it! I told you a lot of patience is required. Just hang in there and see it through! Give yourself a pat on the back, make yourself some cookies and admire your handy work. You earned it!


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