Inspiration: Mint Chocolate Chip Gender Neutral Nursery

I’ve been seeing a lot of gender reveal parties like it’s the thing to do when you’re expecting. A lot of people are still letting it be a surprise, which I find the most fun. I remember when my oldest sister was pregnant with my first nephew, it was so much fun waiting. We all were voting boy! His nursery was set up for a boy and if a little girl popped out, some pink would be thrown in. Thank goodness, we guessed right! On a side note, he’s eight now and growing into the most handsome and kind young man ever.


Anyhow, I have been seeing a lot of mint green in and out of décor magazines and in the home sections of stores. It’s become this neutral color that looks good with anything and can be both masculine and feminine, depending on what you are going for. So, when I saw this yummy picture of mint chocolate chip ice-cream, my creativity went wild. I love babies and I love mint chocolate chip ice cream so I decided to combine the two. This is my Mint Chocolate Chip Gender Neutral Nursery <- what a mouthful, literally.


MINT2 copy

Nurseries are meant to be soothing and relaxing, creating a spa-like feel. I think this design does just that. It’s cuddly and cute and fit for a Prince or Princess! My favorite piece is the mint green Eames Rocker. Its classic appeal makes it timeless and it’s perfect for whisking baby to sleep. The perfect color combo for this room would be Sherwin-Williams’ Spirited Green (SW 6932) with a 3/4 Wainscoting in High Reflective White (SW 7757).

What’s your favorite color for a gender neutral space?


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