Craft Closet: Pinspiration

I have an enormous closet under my stairs. I refuse to show you a picture of it, because I’m quite embarrassed. It has become the everything closet. Crafts, storage, boxes that I left unpacked from the move, coats, you name it. It’s a horrific use of space. It would be perfect for an episode of Hoarders or Secret Life: I’m a Terrible Organizer.

I was recently surprised with my first sewing machine from my mom for my birthday. I am super excited to start learning to sew so I can stop buying curtains and pillows!


Ignore my daddy’s finger in the corner. Ugh.

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Anyhow, I need a place to put it. I leave my dog out in my room so on my desk is not an option. Plus, with sewing comes the need of an excessive amount of storage. Just ask my sister, Kim, who gave up her cramped sewing quarters on top of her landing in her home for an openly spacious rental cottage down the street.

So, I’ve come to the conclusion that my little closet under the stairs is going to get a new look. Here are some Pinspiration photos I found:






Stay tuned to see what I come up with. The hamster wheel is turning!


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