Color Crave: Freesia

I have already jumped on the mustard trend because a) it’s awesome and b) it’s just it’s just so versatile with other colors. Who would have thought that a hot dog condiment would make such a bold statement?



Pantone deemed it a necessity for this year’s Spring Fashion Report. Their version is Freesia, “a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season.” But it doesn’t have to stop in your closet. Freesia can illuminate your décor too.





This mustardy shade is so warm and inviting. As I was browsing around, I found this camo-ish rug with bits of turquoise and gray, I knew that it would be the foundation for this fun and rustic color board.


Sofa | Pillows (1) (2) | Pouf | Rug | Chest | Lamp | Mirror

 I fell in love with this sofa for obvious reasons, but also because it’s call the “Natalie” sofa. Need I say more? I always try to toss ones of these Moroccan poufs in every way I can because they add a little life and variety and come in a jillion colors. I added some throw pillows and a round driftwood mirror to add texture and I found this fabulous chest of drawers with a little distressing and metal knobs. It’s definitely a statement piece in itself. The paint colors are all Sherwin-Williams. From the top down: Biscay, Butterscotch, and Goldenrod.


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