Craft Closet: Beginning Stages

My loving and brave future mother-in-law cleaned my entire house while I was on vacation. Not only did she do my laundry and cleaned my floors, but she organized my hideous craft closet to be. So I can finally show you a before picture of my closet. Fingers crossed, but this closet might be finished this weekend! Eeekk!

So here’s the before…



It’s a great space that it being used in a poor way. I can’t wait to transform it into a crafter’s paradise! I bought some baskets from the Dollar General, yes I said it, for $3 each and have begun sorting through all of my little loose items. I love the size of these straw baskets. I’m definitely going to get some more. You just can’t beat the price!



There’s still a ton to do, including building my shelves that will be hung on the wall. Thanks to my “You Can Dream It, He Can Build It” father, those shelves are going to be the home of all of my crafting and sewing supplies.

Stay tuned! Hopefully there will be an exciting update on Monday! Have a blessed weekend!


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