Craft Closet: The Reveal!

I’m am just so elated in how my craft closet turned out. I know you have all just been dying to see it. So here we go! First, I’ll remind you of how it used to look like. Crowed, boring, and useless.



So after we cleaned it all out, my daddy came to the rescue and installed me some pretty good looking shelves and a piece of pegboard.



And then after a trip to Walmart and about three hours of getting it all situated, we come to the reveal.

Are you ready?






You would think that because of the size of the closet it would feel cramped, but really it’s very spacious. Every little object has a home, so it’s all neatly organized. The worst part is, is that there’s still a bunch of my crafting stuff at my mom’s that I have to go get. I might run out of room!



These large canisters (Walmart $5) are great for storing ribbons and paints. The smaller ones (Walmart $2) corral safety pins, buttons, and clothes pins.

Everyday recycled soup cans hold my utensils such as paint brushes, permanent markers, and scissors. Mason jars are great for literally everything. I took the cap off these but left the twisty ring and stored hot glue and popsicle stocks in them. Tying a little twine around the soup cans keeps them all together.



I’ve had these magazine holders for a while and never used them. Finally, I can put them to good use. The round cork pieces are actually trivets and will be applied to the wall and used as a cork board – somewhere in my home. I haven’t decided yet. The gold contact paper will be used for a huge project that will be happening in the very near future. I just need a good full day to do it. Stay tuned for that!


This classic over-the-door shore organizer (Walmart $6) is perfect for all of my loose items. Push pins, multiple adhesives, paper cutters, wooden dowels, glitter, and the such all have their own little pocket so they can be easily found.


My favorite part is my pegboard. I painted it the same Pantone color I used for my little cabinet. It definitely adds the pop of color I needed in this tiny space. I added multiple metal hooks for all of the things that needed to be hung.  I made this ribbon storage out of a wooden dowel and two hooks. Now I can pull off what I need, snip it off, and it never has to leave its spot!




Ahhhh… this beauty just makes the room. I can’t wait to turn on my Brother and make something! I’m so very proud of it. Oh, and I’m proud of that memo board that hangs above it, too. It used to be black and white and I recovered it when I was real big into orange. It looks okay in here though.


Here’s a panorama shot of the space. I just love that feature!


I can see countless crafting afternoons in my near future. I think I’m going to get a small shelving unit or file cabinet type thing to put in here for my scrapbook paper. There’s just no where to put that yet.

So let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Craft Closet: The Reveal!

  1. shannonicole89 says:

    Great blog! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for a Liebster Award! On my page (, you’ll find that I’ve posted a link to your blog for others to discover. :)

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