Lucy and Company: Girls’ Rooms

I stumbled upon an amazing design team called Lucy and Company today. I love their style and the quirkiness that they bring to every room. I’ve literally sat on Decorpad and looked through hundreds of pictures showcasing their work. There’s not one that I didn’t like. My favorite ones they do are girls’ rooms. They are all so fun and imaginative! Here are some of my favs; I can’t choose them all. Every room has another “wow” moment with every single creative detail.










They use a lot of the same elements such as the Schumacher Zimba Silver wallpaper and a white Moroccan pouf from Serena and Lilly. Sometimes you find a few things that just look great in every room and that’s just what they’ve done. Instead of a typical girl’s room, Lucy and Company looks to find ways to make each space unique and charming. Whether it’s a enchanting princess’s room or a sophisticated fashionista’s room, these girls’ rooms are definitely one-of-a-kind.


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