Strawberry Poppyseed Salad

This delicious strawberry poppyseed salad will make you do flips. It’s so stinkin’ delicious.


I discovered this heavenly deliciousness when I tried it at Panera Bread. What makes the salad is this amazing dressing that is to-die-for. So when I spotted it out of the corner of my eye while browsing at Publix, I knew Jesus really did love me. Hallelujah. Don’t worry, I grabbed an extra just in case I decided to drink the bottle for dessert. I picked some some yummy baby spinach and arugula as well as some fruit and grilled chicken. I forgot the pineapple – silly me.



So wonderful. Panera knew what they were doing manufacturing that dressing for the world to take part in. It’ll change your life and make you never want nasty ole ranch again. Yuck!

You have to get it. Like, right now.

Oh, on another note my Mila Bear got her BarkBox in the mail today! She was so excited! If you haven’t signed up your furbaby, you definitely should. Organic treats and toys just for your special baby, once a month, for $18! You can beat that. Just look at her face!


I can’t wait for July’s! I’m guessing something patriotic. We’ll see!

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