Strawberry Lemonade Whoopie Pies

Don’t you hate it when you decide you’re going to make something sweet and then realize you didn’t take any pictures of the process? Oh, just me?


These were literally one of those “That sounds good. I’m gonna try it!” moments. And it worked! Here’s what I did: I bought a whoope pie pan ($7) and some strawberry cake mix. I prefer Duncan Hines, but that’s just me. I got some lemon pie filling, lemon extract (oh yeah, bring on the lemon!), and a Frosting Creations mixable frosting. I got the Pink Lemonade power, but you could totally make your own.


I followed the box instructions and poured the cake mix about half way full in my pie pan. I had enough leftover for about 6 cupcakes. While I waited, I got my lemon pie filling ready. I used a rubber spreader and spooned it into a Ziploc bag, like this.


I pushed it down into the corner and cut a TEENY TINY snippit of the corner off. Wahla. A homemade icing bag.


This is where I got excited called my mother and forgot to finish the picture-taking. I made another icing bag with the pink lemonade with extra lemon extract and cut the corner off. When the cakes were finished, a let them cool a little bit and the I trimmed off the top with a serrated spatula. It was pretty simple. Then I used my lemon icing bag and dropped a dollop in the center of each one. I iced a ring around the inside edge of the pink lemonade icing (mom’s idea) to “seal” it so the lemon wouldn’t ooze out the sides. I closed the two sides together to make a little cake sandwich and put a swirl of icing on top! Wahla, again. Strawberry lemonade whoopie pies.



Lemony goodness.


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