Moodboard: Calming Hues

Calming Hues

After a crazy hectic weekend, I felt like making this calming moodboard. I love this color scheme; it literally makes me say “ahhhhh” in my head. The top three things that make me the most calm and relaxed are a spotless clean kitchen, smell-good fresh flowers, and a good book. I cannot stand a messy kitchen and although I do not stay on top of it as much as I should, I feel the most at ease when I come home and there is an empty sink. If only I had little minions to do the work for me. I am known to buy myself flowers because I just love the look of them on my kitchen counter. I also love them in my room, on my coffee table, and outside on my patio. If I could have peonies everyday life would be pretty sweet. Most days, I have to settle for daisies or pink roses from Publix. My new favorite book is Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. No, I haven’t seen the movie yet and I’m too afraid to ruin the book by watching the movie. So if you have seen it, please tell me if it’s worth it! I have been listening to it in my car, since I’m not home much, and I get lost listening to it. I end up at my destinations wondering how I got there. It’s such a easy-listening, all around great book.

What makes you calm?


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