Be Our Guest

be our guest copy

Creating a space that will make your guests feel at home even when they are away can be quite the trick. The key is to make it a mini-master suite. If you wouldn’t sleep in there, why do you think your guests would want to? When I saw this beautiful guest oasis designed by Emily Johnston Larkin (Dallas, TX), I knew it would be my show-n-tell for this post.


This room feels like a retreat. I would love to visit this person’s house and wouldn’t mind staying because they cared enough about their guests to make them feel at ease. The colors are light and airy, and aren’t too distracting. It would be easy to relax and unwind on this ultra-comfy bed. Another trick is to keep different weights of blankets for the different seasons (and just in case you have a warm tempered person, like me!).


There is plenty of natural light coming into this space, which makes it even more attracting. The linens are soft and the patterns are lightweight and carefree.


This nook space is amazing for reading a book and the desk is an added plus for catching up on work while you’re away or it makes the perfect place to get ready.


There are a lot of “old-world charm” pieces in this space that add character and conversation. EJ kept it current with the Lucite chair and geometrical printed pillows.

I love this space. It feels like a retreat and I would enjoy staying in a space that made me feel like I was welcomed!


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