Sneak Peek: New Bedroom Update

You probably think I have eight bedrooms as many times as I go through them, but I only have one and I redecorate it quite often. It’s an expensive habit, I know. Please don’t give me the “speech” that my mother has already given me. This is my hobby and it makes me feel good!

So with that being said, remember the “Calming Hues” post I did with the plums and peaches? Well, I liked it so much that I decided to run with it. When I told my girlfriend my color scheme, it took her a while to get it. I don’t think she even does yet. We tackled TJ Maxx and Home Goods a couple of nights ago and I found all kinds of stuff. She thinks that it’s looking a little Moroccan and I can’t decide if I like that or not. I want to feel a little glamorous and sophisticated. I like mixing patterns with metallic and creating a boutique chic store-like feel (that’s a tongue twister!). If I had a store, this is definitely what I would make it look like.




Okay, stay tuned. I might have storefront in a few months. Another problem or issue I have is I like antique stuff all too well and it’s hard to mix that with the contemporary today. But, I think I have done a good job! Because I don’t have it complete yet, I’ll hold off on too many pictures, although I am anxious to show you the whole thing. Here are some details of my shopping spree. The best part about it is that I got all of this for a little over $50. That’s not too bad of an expensive habit, now is it?


Ikat drum shade – $15 (Tuesday Morning)


Potted succulents – $7 (TJ Maxx)


Gold dot jewelry box, feather ring dish, rose gold frame – $18 (TJ Maxx)


Kidney pillow – $5 (Burlington)


Hurricane (1 of 2) and nesting boxes – $12 (TJ Maxx) I already had the bird.

So let’s talk about that purple kidney pillow. You will never believe where I found that and how much it was. It came from Burlington and it was $5. I’ll pause and let you catch yourself. Yes, FIVE whole DOLL HAIRS. I’m thrilled about it and so proud that I found it for such a steal. It is looking a little lonely by itself. On another note, I think I might come up with a sticker of sorts to cover up the nautical graphics on the two nesting boxes and that rosy picture frame needs a Mila in it and those hurricanes might need candles, but it’s coming together. Just like I had hoped. I am hoping to get my gold dot wall done this weekend some time… I know right? How is that ever going to happen between work and a wedding, but we’ll see. I need a rug and some window treatments and a few more throw pillows and then I think my room will be my own little boutique store! If I could find a mannequin, I’d just die. Keep your eyes peeled!

Let me know what you think of my maybe Moroccan, maybe glitzy glamorous shoe store-ish, maybe eclectic contemporary new bedroom?

Tastefully yours,


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