Mixing Fonts

Tuesdays are tip days and today’s tip is all about how to mix fonts. Whether you are creating a invitation for a party or working on resume, this little how-to will surely helping you in selecting the right fonts together.

mixing fonts copy

I love to play with fonts and I love to find new ones to play around with too. One tip that I suggest when mixing fonts is to use thin ones with thick ones. They make a great team. Also, mixing a bold one with a cute frilly one seems to work most of the time. These above are just examples of couples I like to use together. And I’m sooooo nice that I’m going to give you some free fonts to download so that you have them, too!

Free fonts

Β Just click the links below and download them straight to your computer. When you go into a program, they will already be loaded into your font list. Enjoy!

Champagne and Limousines | Europe Underground | KG All Things New | Penelope Anne | Sacramento | Janda Safe & Sound | Honey Script

What is one of your favorite fonts? Comment and share!

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