Mixing Fonts

Tuesdays are tip days and today’s tip is all about how to mix fonts. Whether you are creating a invitation for a party or working on resume, this little how-to will surely helping you in selecting the right fonts together.

mixing fonts copy

I love to play with fonts and I love to find new ones to play around with too. One tip that I suggest when mixing fonts is to use thin ones with thick ones. They make a great team. Also, mixing a bold one with a cute frilly one seems to work most of the time. These above are just examples of couples I like to use together. And I’m sooooo nice that I’m going to give you some free fonts to download so that you have them, too!

Free fonts

 Just click the links below and download them straight to your computer. When you go into a program, they will already be loaded into your font list. Enjoy!

Champagne and Limousines | Europe Underground | KG All Things New | Penelope Anne | Sacramento | Janda Safe & Sound | Honey Script

What is one of your favorite fonts? Comment and share!

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