Creating The Perfect Backdrop

I love throwing parties and I love finding cheap ways to create a memorable moment. If I could, I would throw a party every week! I have so many ideas and not enough people to do them for. I have Pinterst to thank for that. One thing I love to do is creating backdrops. Whether they are for the food table or a impromptu photo opportunity, backdrops can really bring a lot of life to a party. Here are 10 backdrops that I love dearly.


I love this simple heart garland backdrop. The colors are endless and it would be perfect for a fun Valentine’s day party!


This glitter backdrop from Team LC is super clever and cute. Perfect for NYE or any festive party.


Unlike a lot of photographers I know, I love props, especially antique furniture. They are classic and so elegant.


Okay, I know y’all remember this in school. Every time the class did something good you got a chain link and when it hit the floor you got a pizza party. And how awesome were pizza parties? This one makes for a super simple and perfect backdrop for any occasion. And I love chunky babies!


This is so delicate looking. I’m not sure what it is and there wasn’t a tutorial. Maybe lace, maybe paper? Who knows, but I love it!


I love these ombré balloons. Definitely an inexpensive way to get a WOW result. And…another prop! Love it!


This one has potential. Write the lyrics to your favorite love song or movie/book and you have a unique backdrop for your wedding. Finding someone will really good calligraphy is a must.


I love the idea of striping tissue paper and adding pearls or beading. This backdrop has hundreds of color possibilities and themes. Imagine this one for an under the sea or fairy tale party!


This one has a little Asian influence, but I like it. It definitely creates a statement.

Which one is your favorite?

For 3 super cute DIY backdrops, click here.


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