The Truth About Paper Towels

Like my mother always says, “There are some things you shouldn’t cheap out on.”

When I moved out of my parent’s house, the first time I went grocery shopping like to have killed me. I didn’t realize how much things actually cost. Let me reiterate: how much the good stuff costs. I started adverting my attention to the off-brands really quick. Soon I learned that my mother was right, as always. There are some things that are worth the extra few dollars.

One thing that I can’t stand are lousy paper towels. You know what I am talking about. The ones that fall apart into tiny little pieces when they hit a substance. So instead of using one, you end up using five to clean up a small spill. It’s really rather embarrassing. Instead of just investing in good paper towels we settle for the cheap ones.

But why?

I’m here to spread the good news. The news that is Viva paper towels.


I’m sure you’ve all passed these guys and eyeballed their high price tag, shook your head and happily picked up the “Store Brand” selection instead. Trust me, you’re doing the wrong thing.  I get it. You shave a buck or two off your grocery bill by tossing these bargain towels into your cart, but please just hear me out.

Viva paper towels are soft, stretchy and hold a gallon of water (not really, but close) in one sheet. You will literally save money by purchasing these because you will use one towel on a spill verses the five you were using. According to TIME magazine, you’re actually loosing money because you are using more towels.

Don’t believe me yet? Just watch this 30 second video.

So just throw those generic ones away and go buy you a pack of Viva. If you sign up for their free newsletter, you will instantly receive a $0.50 coupon plus you’ll get hundreds of them through your email. Viva is owned by Kleenex so that means you get the coupons for ALL OF THEIR PRODUCTS. :)

Try the new Viva Vantage for those bigger messes.

You’re welcome.

Happy cleaning!


*This blog post has no affiliation with Kleenex and all opinions are my own.

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