Tips for an Outdoor Movie

Tuesdays are tips days. Todays’ tips are for planning the perfect outdoor movie party!

For my Sweet 16, my fabulous parents created the ultimate outdoor movie party for me. I had about 20 friends over including my new boyfriend (which was Jimmy) and I wanted it to be super special. It was pink and zebra themed and we watched Racing Stripes. Lame. At the time it was an awesome birthday party. One I would never forget.

Summer is almost over and what a perfect way to end it then with an outdoor movie party. I can’t wait to throw one at my house… except we might have to improvise because I live in a townhouse community. We might party outside, but keep the electronics inside! A couple of the things you’ll need are rentable and the rest are either super cheap or can be brought from your friends’ homes.

Outdoor Movie

1) Hang mini lanterns throughout your yard and in the trees. You can pick up some at World Market for $17.

2) Show a classic like Dirty Dancing or if you’re entertaining kids show something fun like Over the Hedge!

3) If you have a flat area, tell your friends to bring a lawn chair to sit in. If not, see number 5.

4) Buy a set of these adorable mini milk glasses from Antherpologie and fill them with your movie favorite candies.

5) Grab all your extra blankets and pillows and tell your friends to do the same. I’m sure you both are hoarding at least ten each.

6) Rent a projector or ask around. Somebody’s got to have one. You might get lucky asking your church if you can borrow one.

7) Rent a vintage popcorn machine from your local party supply store for under $50 for the day. This will be the highlight of the party!

8) Get to poppin! Buy a pack of old fashioned popcorn paper bags. Etsy has hundreds for under $5.

9) Pick some good ‘ole Coca-Cola or Jones soda in glass bottles. Your guests will feel extremely fancy!

With these simple tips, you’re on your way to a summer night of fun. All you need now are the people! Start a Facebook group or send out cute invitations by mail to get your friends in the movie spirit. End summer the right way!

Happy partying!


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