Bucket List: Istanbul, Turkey


I’ve longed to visit Istanbul since I first learned of the Hagia Sophia my freshman year of college. When I see its lavishing architecture and gorgeous interiors my heart yearns for more. I have high expectations of Istanbul and I’m sure it would not disappoint.



I don’t know if it’s the colorful life and culture, the craftsmanship of the buildings or intriguing ancient history that I love more about Istanbul. I just love it all. I can imagine music playing throughout the Grand Bazaar and Turkish dancers in the streets. Inviting smells from the little restaurants and pottery and jewelry as far as your eye can see. Striking views of the ocean and terra cotta cities along the horizon.



Did I mention the pottery? Oh my word, it’s beautiful! I could replace my entire dish set with this unbelievable works of art.


inside a resturant


I think my biggest problem would be the food. I would be very reluctant to taste Turkish foods, but I’m not saying I wouldn’t. I’m not a huge fan of trying new things, especially ethnic foods. I would definitely have to research that a little more, but I think I could manage.


Ahhhh, the beautiful Hagia Sophia, one of the greatest Byzantine buildings in the world. She is famous for her impressive size, remarkable architecture and beautiful mosaics and frescoes. I think I would pass out from this view.


Could you see me just lying down on the floor and staring for hours? I could.


It’s on the bucket list. Hopefully one day…


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