Cupcake Topper Tutorial

This past Saturday, my mom (with a little help of me, she’s really the one who put it all together) threw a graduation celebration bash for my recent achievement. Of course any opportunity to throw a party is A-OK with me. So we went all out.


I wanted the theme to be somewhere along the lines of “Reaching for the Stars,” “Glitz and Glamour,” “Pretty in Pink.” I think it turned out to be a little bit of them all. But I loved it!

This party, though it may look like it was time consuming, it really wasn’t. I made the garland over the table out of stripes of fabric and tulle tied on. Done. I punched out a polka-dot banner to lay on top (which was going to have my graduation pictures on them, but that never happened). I made the mini-banner that sat atop my cake out of skewers, string, and burlap. The memory table was a simple, yet cute way to watch how I’ve grown up through school. I attached pictures to helium-filled balloons using the teeniest of clothes pins there were. They kept “walking” down the hall so we had to battle that all afternoon!

My cake was amazing. I wanted something simple, yet elegant with a light brush stroke on the sides. I think my mother nailed it.


I think the cutest of it all where my cupcakes. My mother knows how to make some mean cupcakes.


Chocolate cupcakes with pink icing – a girl’s best friend. I made these cupcake toppers and I think they were perfect for the “reach for the stars” theme I had going on for this party.


Here’s what you’ll need to create these adorable little wands:


I used gold glitter cardstock paper and a mini-star punch. You can choose your own paper and punch to go along with any theme. Pick up a pack of Wilton lollipop sticks in the cake aisle; they are the perfect length! And, of course, you’ll need your handy-dandy hot glue gun.




I hope that was pretty self-explanatory….

Aren’t they adorable? The total cost had to have been like a penny per star. Cheap, easy, and made a huge different on my table. You can’t beat that.

Jimmy and I

I try not to pass up an opportunity to snatch a photo of me and my love. I was so happy he came back home just in time for this celebration!

Okay, I think I’m done with graduation posts now. I’m sorry! I just had such a fun-filled weekend!


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