Shark Week Infographic

I am a sucker for infographics. Maybe it’s the designer in me who wishes she got a degree in marketing or just the crazy, weird creativeness in me that thinks they are cool and envies that I can’t really do one. I don’t know, but I find that I learn more from a simple infographic than reading an article about the same topic.

Another thing I’m a sucker for, are sharks. Yes, I’m aware it’s Shark Week. I’ve not turned off the TV since Sunday. To keep you from thinking I’m a little too weird, I’ll save my comments and excitement for another day.

So, I found this infographic on the Discovery Channel website and I thought it was just so pretty that I wanted to share it with you guys in honor of the year’s BEST WEEK EVER. So without further adieu, here are two things I love. Enjoy. And learn something. And go visit the Georgia Aquarium and see one in. real. life. #savethesharks



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