Tips For Mixing Florals

Most would think that mixing pattern with pattern can be a little overwhelming and can make a room feel busy. Going back to my post about mixing colors and patterns, we know that it’s possible to create a cohesive and beautiful scheme with lots of different patterns while keeping the overall look balanced.


Today’s tip is about mixing one of those patterns that seem to be the most confusing: florals. And I’m not talking about your grandmother’s Sunday dress. (But if you’re into that sort of thing, rock it.) This goes for fashion and interiors. It seems to me that once you find a good floral print it makes the whole room/outfit look and feel better. I don’t know about you, I love a good floral print. It can turn a once boring space into a bright and awakening oasis.


So, you’ve found a killer floral wallpaper or rug and you’re terrified of mixing it with anything that will lessen its power of being the focal print of the room. Well, I’m here to ease your stress. It’s really simple.

mixfloralprints copy

{The wallpaper in the above image came from here.}

Are you an English nerd, like me? Maybe this will help. Accent fabrics are like adjectives to a noun. As adjectives help describe a noun and make the noun sound more interesting, accent fabrics support the main print and make the room look more stylish. So when you decide to venture out and add a bold statement piece such as a large-scale floral, remember these tips when selecting good supporting fabrics to add to the mix.

1) Choose a smaller print such as polka-dot or geometric in a supporting color from the main fabric.
2) Choose a bold stripe to anchor the mix in a one of the main colors of the fabric.
3) Choose a solid texture for a larger piece such as the headboard or ottoman. Sometimes the main print will have a neutral background. If not, a khaki or gray will work just as well.

Here are some inspiration shots to help you visualize the whole picture.







Still having second thoughts? Feel free to send me a picture of the fabric you are trying to use, and I will put some fabrics together for you – for free! :)


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