The Multi-Tasker: With Guest Bloggers

Tuesdays are tip days and today’s tips are brought to you by a few of my favorite bloggers.

Blogging started as hobby and it has blossomed into a way of relieving stress and getting to talk about things I love. And the fact that people actually read it is even more awesome. I also love reading other people’s blogs. Some that I check out on a daily basis for inspiration are,, and There are also a few listed on the right sidebar that I enjoy reading as well. I asked a few of my friends, who have personal blogs like me, to participate in a little Q&A, and I’m so excited with the results.


Here’s the question:

What simple item around your home would you consider to be a “multi-tasker,” meaning it has a variety of different uses?

Here are their answers:


Melissa – Polka Dots and Pillows
Cookie Sheets

I love the idea of this bathroom organizer. This is a great DIY and you don’t even have to be crafty to make it! Get you a baking sheet, paint and magnets. Put your magnets on the back of your makeup and voila! I challenge you to look at the items in your home and think of the different ways you can use it in addition to its original purpose. Have fun and get creative.”


Jaime – On Miami Time
Baking Soda

“1. My grandfather was a mouth surgeon before the days of cosmetic bleach and whitening procedures like Zoom. He always told me to mix a teaspoon of baking soda and a little water into a paste and brush my teeth with it. I swear by this and for big events, I’ll even add a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide into the mixture. (Warning: This whitens teeth really well, but DO NOT SWALLOW IT – trust me on this)

2. Baking soda makes an AH-MAY-ZING dry shampoo. Sprinkle a little on your roots for those Monday mornings when you really just don’t have the time or energy to shower.

3. Baking soda makes the best home cleaner. If you ever doubt which cleaning product to use, reach for the baking soda because it literally cleans and deodorizes everything. You can use it on everything You can use it on everything from laundry to carpets to dishes to your garbage disposal.

Bonus: Baking soda puts out kitchen fires. Don’t ask me how I know this.”

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

Missy – Pajama Mama
Clothes Pins

“Clothes pins are something I pick up at the local dollar store anytime I see them. I use them for many different things.

  • Closing bags that have been opened: chips, rice, pizza rolls – whatever.
  • Pictures for a teacher, when she has been out. Take a coffee filter and let the child color on it with markers, gather the middle of the coffee filter and pin with a decorated clothes pin. Paste to a folded piece of cardstock. Cute and easy.
  • You can write on them and pin them to things.
  • I made a clothes line in my kitchen across my window over my sink with brass wire, and pin notes to it, to remind me of things or for scripture memory.”

A big thanks to Melissa, Jaime, and Missy for participating in this fun post. Make sure to check out their amazing blogs for other awesome tips and interesting topics. They are all a little different: an interior designer, like me, a fashion and foodie lover, and a SAH mama of two boys. I hope you all learned a little tip or two about ordinary items that can be used a bunch of different ways.


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