Fall, You Have My Permission

Tuesdays are tip days.

I posted about circle skirts yesterday, and I got an incredible response. I wasn’t really expecting, but I’m glad to see that you guys are reading.

I love to check out the new fashion trends at the beginning of the month. It helps me get an idea on how to prepare my closet for the coming weeks ahead. Seeing how I’m in Alabama and autumn hasn’t really hit yet, these wardrobe trends will have to be put on hold a little while longer. With that being said, here are three tips for getting your wardrobe ready for fall.

white sweater cardigan summer jeans brown belt handbag necklace women outfit fashion clothing style apparel

Wear white after Labor Day! I think my grandmother is the only one who worships the moratorium on wearing white, but in my opinion it’s outdated. I especially love wearing creamy ivories and winter whites during the fall months.

stripes & florals

Mix up your prints. I dare you to mix two printed pieces you wouldn’t otherwise wear together. That said, the mash up should be done with care. Click here to learn how to mix prints like a pro. I personally love the floral and stripe combo.

Olivia Palermo - Double Denim. www.salsastore.com #salsajeans #lifeisbetterindenim #celeb

Double up on denim. Some may question this, I think head-to-toe denim is a definite do for fall. Just be careful not to mix two like-colored pieces. Ideally you want contrasting shades–like a super light denim (or chambray) top and dark denim bottoms. To give the look a girly touch, add a brightly colored statement necklace.

Which one of these tips are you going to try this fall? Post pictures for me to see!



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