Try This! A Desk as a Nightstand

by alice lane home collection | pink, paule marrot artwork, linen tufted bed, white nightstand, desk as nightstand, end of bed bench

If your home lacks square footage, chances are you don’t have a proper office. While some folks are lucky enough to have a entire room (door included!) to devote to their desk, many of us are left to brainstorm creative ways to make the most of our space. I love this idea I spotted by Alice Lane Home. This design features a gorgeous desk and upholstered chair as a nightstand. The romantic finish complements the relaxing aesthetic of the room  and it fits the space perfectly without feeling overcrowded. It looks beautiful, it’s functional, and you can store your magazines/ear plugs/chapstick in the desk drawers. Plus, having a desk as a nightstand forces you to keep it looking spotless. For tricks on how to style your desk, click here.

Are you going to try this trick?


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