The Power of Leggings

army green shirt, white shrts, leopard scarf, black leggings and brown boots

Okay, so who doesn’t love waking up and throwing on a pair of leggings during the months of October through, let’s say, March? Yeah me, too. I have about twelve pairs of leggings and I literally wear them at least three times a week. They are super comfy, shield the harsh wind, and look good with just about anything. And an added bonus: leggings are great to wear under jeans for those artic weeks on winter. If you haven’t given this God-sent substitute for pants a chance, you totally should. But with consideration. It’s really not cute to show your booty. When in doubt, wear leggings.

1. A classic sheer tunic.


I have one goal when it comes to wearing a shirt with leggings: the booty must be covered. Sheer tops are thin, lightweight, and perfect for fall. To keep this outfit from looking too basic, I added some playful boot cuffs and brown riding boots.

2. A layered flannel or cardigan.


A plaid flannel is the one go-to article that will never let you down. I always wear my flannels when I’m lazy and don’t want to put a real outfit together! A simple white tank underneath will add extra length to your flannel. I added some combat books to give this look a grungy vibe.  If you’re not into that, feel free to substitute the flannel for a kimono or a colorful cardigan.

3. A cozy, long sweater.


This sweater is would be a little too long to wear with pants, so pairing it with a pair of leggings is the ideal fit. Combined with a colorful scarf and short boots, this outfit is perfect for a comfy, casual Friday (or anything other day of the week!). If you know me at all, I’m wearing this combo on the reg.

Now, it’s your turn. How do you style leggings? Which of these looks is your favorite?


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