But First: Coffee


So I’m a weird coffee drinker. I go through stages where I have to have it everyday and then there are weeks/months where it doesn’t phase me. Currently, I gorging down PSLs and making an effort to try them from every establishment. I think Mickey D’s is on point this year (shocking).

I think the way you like your coffee says a lot about you. My boyfriend starting drinking coffee when he was in Minnesota mostly because he had to work 10-hour work days and he needed the boost. He, like my mother, likes it black. But the two of them are focus, driven people and get a lot accomplished throughout the day. I, like my father, like it as white as we are: 2 creamers and 2 sugars. And although I like to think I am focused and get a lot accomplished, neither is true. And shhh… my dad is the same way!

I found this infographic (I LOVE INFOGRAPHICS!) and I thought it was pretty spot on to me. I am a Cappuccino in the winter and a Frappuccino in the summer. Find your favorite and see if it’s true for you.


Photo: Doghouse Diaries

How do you like your coffee?


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