Life Hacks: Clear Fingernail Polish

I love finding other solutions to life’s daily struggles. I started researching how to fix a run in your ‘hose, an issue worthy of putting me on the struggle bus, and I discovered more than what I was after. Check out these 5 untypical uses for clear fingernail polish.



1. Ever get those green rings on your fingers from wearing a fake rings?  Paint a thin coat of clear nail polish on your costume jewelry to prevent tarnishing.

2. We’ve all been there: You’re at work and notice you have an unsightly run in your tights. To keep the tear from getting worse, keep a bottle of clear nail polish with you to paint over the tear. As it hardens, the polish will help stop the run in its tracks.

3. For that annoying twine or rope that unravels as you use it, paint the tip with clear nail polish to keep it from splitting apart.

4. If you hate licking envelopes, seal them by painting the underside of the flap (where you would normally lick it) with clear polish.

5. Like the twine, if you drag frayed thread through a nail polish brush a few times, the polish will harden the thread and allow you to slip it right through a needle’s eye with ease.

Live at ease with these clever life hacks. Next time you go to wear your ‘hose, check and make sure there isn’t a run. And if there is, paint a quick coat with clear fingernail polish!


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