Modern Day Water Cooler

I’ve been seeing everyone setting up a bar cart in their home somewhere. I like the idea of having a moveable drink/snack stand. I hadn’t decided if I wanted to pick up on the trend or not, until I saw this cart from Target.


I love the gold, obviously, and I love that they paired it with white. Such a classic combo. Simple lines, not over the top, and on budget. Here are some other ideas of styled bar carts I liked.




Couple of things I noticed about these four carts: they are organized nicely, use pops of color elements like books and figurines, and have something fresh like flowers or fruits. If you’re wondering what exactly you need to style your bar cart just like the pros, here’s a fun mood board to get you going.



Things you’ll need:

– a cart (
– a tray (
– fun art (
– an ice bucket (
– a decanter (
– your choice of drinks (
– napkins (

Happy styling!



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