Mini-Organization Challenge

Yesterday was tip day, but yesterday just wasn’t happening so this week, Wednesday will be tip day.

Today’s tips are how to organize your purse.


If you were to look inside your purse right now, what would you see? Receipts, loose change, crumbs from God-knows where? Yeah, I know mine gets messy fast. This week, I challenge you to dump out the contents and clean your purse out… then put everything back in an orderly manner. You may even want to change out your purse for a more “autumny” style.



Tip #1: One tip that I found super helpful was designating pouches to categorize my things. I find that if I use these pouches, my purse stays pretty clean and organized.


Tip #2: Another thing I added was a separate case to keep my receipts in. I no longer put them in my wallet. That way, when I go to pay for something all the receipts don’t fall out.


Tip #3: Get a small lined make-up bag. This is huge. I can’t tell you how many times eye shadow or blush has cracked and leaked into the rest of my purse. Everything is covered and it’s so frustrating. Getting a lined make-up solves this issue. I used the word small because there’s no reason to have a purse within your purse. Take a look at your current make-up bag and find the essentials: powder, eye shadow, lipstick, mascara, etc. You don’t need your entire Urban Decay palette in there. Basic necessities are what needs to be in your make up bag. Leave the rest at home.


Tip #4: Have a mini-emergency kit. In my emergency kit I have: Tide To-Go, a tampon, lip balm, Tums, Advil, Band-Aids, lotion, small pack of wipes, and Kleenex. It really helps when you’re in need of something quick and you don’t have to dig around to find it. Plus, when you have small children around it’s a lifesaver.


Tip #5: I have to carry a notebook in my purse because I am woman with many things going on and too many things to remember. Sometimes I staple or safety pin business cards or coupons inside the notebook so they don’t end up at the bottom of my purse.


Some things will be loose like your keys, cell phone, and sunglasses but even still they are in a pocket on the sides of my purse. There’s nothing just floating around in there.

See how beautiful it all looks? All neatly composed inside the pouch it belongs in. I picked up the two blue and green ones from Target for $1.95 each in their travel size compartment. Having them makes my hectic everyday routine MUCH easier.

So I challenge you. Dump everything out on the floor and reorganize it all into little pouches. You will not regret it.


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