Geode Explosion

Recently, I went to Virginia with my family. One of the many activities we did was discover the Shenandoah Caverns, which were breaktakingly (is that a word?) beautiful, but very cold. While browsing through the gift shop afterwards, I ran into the most gorgeous set of teal blue geode bookends. I flipped them over and was appalled by the price tag so I calmly set them back down and walked away. I saw the striking pink ones which came with a stand, but sadly they were a little pricy too. I ended up settling for a miniscule pink one for five bucks instead.



 I have seen these geodes in all the magazines and blogs in so many different ways. Some of the DIYs out there are so clever and chic. I thought I’d share a few inspiration images to get your creative juices flowing.


Geode drawer pulls


Framed geodes


Geode Bookends


A collection of geodes


Agate coasters

And if you’re not crafty, here’s a mood board of geodes you can buy. Happy shopping!



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