Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I hope you all had a lovely week. This weekend is UAB’s homecoming so I’m looking forward to that. If you’re in the Birmingham area, come tailgate with us! We’re going to have a lot of fun. Anyways…here are a few of my favorite things this week. Click the picture to go to the site where it came from.

Favorite Fashion Blog –
This girl gives me inspiration to get up every day and make myself feel beautiful. There’s no excuse to not look and feel your best everyday. Just because it’s casual Friday doesn’t mean wear your old jeans and a V-neck. I love her style and attitude. And I’m definitely copying some of her looks, but on my own budget!


Favorite Treat: Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Energy Balls from
If you recall a while back I posted a pic on Instagram of my no-bake cookie dough balls. They were so easy-peesy to make and were healthy and delicious. So when I found some pumpkin spice ones, I knew they’ve got to be amazing. I can’t wait to try these out this weekend!


Favorite Sparkle: Glittery wedding details from
I feel sorry for my future bridesmaid because y’all are wearing glitter dresses. I love everything about this wedding – the venue, the decorations, the bride’s gown, even the cake. It all looks so simple (which is totally my style) and easy to replicate. Check out those gold dots on the wall… hint, hint. I’ve seen that somewhere before! Definitely check out this whole post. It’s an “ooo…ahhh” moment with every shot.


Favorite Pumpkin Design – Pumpkin Designs by
I still haven’t gone pumpkin picking, so I think I’m going to have to settle on one from the grocery store. I love these cute ways to decorate pumpkins, especially this one that looks like a deer.


Favorite New Artist – Sam Smith
I already liked Sam Smith, but since I added his Pandora station to my list I have fallen in love with Sam Smith. His voice is soooooo heavenly and sexy.


Have an awesome weekend! Go Blazers!


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