Tuesday Tips: Replacing Eggs In Baking

Tuesdays are Tip Days!

I’m excited about this one because it’s very useful and wise. I love baking. I’m better at it than cooking and it’s far simpler than whipping up a five-course meal. Dessert is the finish line of a good meal; it’s what everyone looks forward to. I got my love of baking from my mom, who just graduated from Wilton’s cake decorating school and who is a master at anything sweet. But growing up, she scolded me when I went to lick the bowl. Finally, after all of these years (and still being alive) I have found the cure. When baking, sometimes a recipe calls for 2-3 eggs and, not only are eggs not that great for you, but they are terrible for to consume uncooked. Even though we’re all still here after countless cupcake and brownie batter licks, the bottom line is: nobody wants to get Salmonella.


{via Yammie Noshery}

So, today’s tips are about replacing eggs with other items that are good for you and are safer to lick once finished, because that’s the main goal when baking. You can print this bad boy out and attach it to your fridge for easy reference. Simply click and print.

ReplacingEggs copy

This calls for 1 egg, but the more eggs that are required the double this replacement item goes. For example: a typical Betty Crocker brownie mix calls for 3 eggs. So instead, you would substitute the eggs for 1 cup of applesauce or 3/4 cup of yogurt. Makes sense? If you get stuck on converting fractions to decimals and vise versa, I always Google it so I make sure I’m getting the right amount. And long story short: the end result tastes just the same, if not better.

Happy Baking!


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